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The Best in Workers' Compensation Defense, Representing Clients With Integrity

Our mission is to be an innovative leader in providing exceptional, trustworthy, and aggressive legal defense for workers’ compensation claims filed against employers across the state of California. We work with insurance companies, self-insured employers, and third-party administrators to resolve claims quickly and efficiently. We accomplish this utilizing our extensive workers’ compensation litigation experience, our analytic processes, team company culture, and communication methods.

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Our vision is to provide our clients with the best workers’ compensation defense by quickly resolving claims to save time and costs for all stakeholders. 

Our Story

Our firm was established in 1964 by John F. Parker and Robert L. Dally and later joined by Ross C. Irwin in 1967. Our firm began representing employers in California, establishing a company vision and company culture that is still present and strong today. Our firm has had an integral role in Supreme Court rulings and has participated in the largest lawsuit of its kind in California litigation. Over the last five decades, the firm's imaginative defense strategies have led to landmark case decisions. 

The industry gold standard these gentlemen established formed a reputation our firm is known for today. Our attorneys have served as Workers' Compensation Appeals Board Judges (full-time once retired or pro tempore). Our expertise and knowledge in the field of workers' compensation law are not only valued among our clients but also among our colleagues and competitors in the industry.

Our firm mission and vision have propelled us to be the leader we are in workers' compensation defense. We retain the name of our founding members to honor their contributions.

Parker and Irwin

Founding Members

John F. Parker, Robert L. Dally, Ross C. Irwin

Photograph taken 1990

All inducted into the CAAA Inland Empire Hall of Fame for their excellence in the field of workers' compensation 


During the implementation of EAMS launched in 2008, the firm was selected due to our long-standing impeccable reputation by the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) to participate in the first group of the DWC case management e-filing trials. During the EAMS transition to a paperless environment, we required every Legal Assistant and appropriate support staff to participate in DWC training. We conducted “in-house” discussions and training sessions ensured that all appropriate staff are qualified as EAMS users, and modified our practice procedures to accommodate and improve the EAMS system.

Parker & Irwin continues to review and revamp policies and procedures to accommodate the requirements of EAMS to the benefit of our clients.



Electronic Billing

Electronic billing systems are used to code and format invoices to precise requirements for transmittal to clients.

Clients use this technology to introduce analytical tools for planning, budgeting, and measuring the performance of legal services. Electronic billing incorporates Uniform Task Based Management Systems (UTMBS) task code sets which are designed to provide clients and law firms with meaningful cost information on legal services. Our experience includes Legal-X, LexisNexis, Allegient Systems, Bottomline Technologies, TyMetrix, LegalPrecision, DataCert, Legal Bill, and more. 


Being active in the workers' compensation community is imperative for our firm to stay updated with new developments and changes in the field of workers' compensation. We are actively engaged and are committed to formulating the best defenses for our clients in response to case law updates. We are members of the American Bar Association, Association of Legal Administrators, California Coalition on Workers' Compensation, California Self-Insurers Association, California State Bar Association, California Workers' Compensation, Defense Attorneys Association, Council of Self-Insured Public Agencies, Local Bar Associations, Public Agency Risk Managers Association (PARMA), Risk Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS), Workers' Compensation Forum of the Inland Empire, Orange County Risk & Insurance Management Society


PO Box 11579

San Bernardino, CA




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